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“Growing up I was always encouraged by my family and teachers to think globally and act locally. It stuck with me, and now I read and try to learn about the world everyday, while finding ways to contribute to the community.”


As residents of a coastal community, we value our ocean, lagoons, and clean air, and we want to preserve our natural resources.

I will speak up for:

  • reasonable planning and zoning, and thoughtfulness regarding environmental impacts

  • care for our environment, protected areas, trails, and open spaces

  • meeting renewable energy and zero waste goals

  • a strengthened Climate Action Plan with enforceable measures to achieve meaningful GHG-reduction targets

Small Business


Our diverse economy in Carlsbad is home to many small businesses that provide key services and employ local residents.

I will encourage:

  • open, regular communication with small local businesses and a problem-solving mindset

  • flexible, forward-thinking, and nimble governance that will assist local Carlsbad businesses to adapt and be resilient during challenging times

  • streamlined online permit and license processes, putting technology to use to expedite common requests

  • shopping locally and promoting our "mom and pop shops"


A key responsibility of our city leaders is proactive management of our infrastructure, including our streets and roads.

I will champion:

  • innovative solutions to traffic congestion and speeding

  • improved street conditions

  • continuous sidewalks and bike paths

  • smart growth strategies and long-term community planning

  • collaboration with neighboring cities and regional and state entities

Public Safety

Carlsbad relies on outstanding first responder teams and our deep community ties to keep all of us safe and support us in times of need.

I will speak up for:

  • increased dialogue, transparency, and accountability with all of Carlsbad’s public safety employees and first responders

  • restructuring of law enforcement response to homelessness, mental health, and code enforcement

  • prevention, community policing, and relationship building

  • citizen engagement through strengthened training programs, neighborhood watch groups, and digital tools for information sharing

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